Дайва мегафорс 100 инструкция

дайва мегафорс 100 инструкция
The breathable bib´n brace is long cut to protect the chest area and the kidneys from cold and uncomfortable breeze. The light blank is semi-parabolic and enables long distance casts with weights of 20-50g. By the length of 3.45m even long leaders of 2.5m can be cast without problems. The slim carbon fiber blank, made of woven carbon fiber, isn’t just an optical beauty – it also helps to reach enormous casting distances. These rods are extreme light weight and show perfect casting abilities with plugs or spoons.

For these rods we used SVF™ carbon fiber mats, which contain greater amount of carbon fiber as usual carbon fiber materials. Plenty of pockets supply enough space for all bits´n pieces and documents. Features an electronic line counter, which indicates “meter”. Can be used manually and electronically.

Those rods feature extreme light and fast blanks that are outstanding and unique with this quality level on the world market. Padded thickly, with large reel part and long zip. Due to the section length of 40cm, these rods nearly can be carried in your jacked pocket. It`s ideallypracticable for catching bait fish or a spontaneous trip.

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