Руководство пользователя yealink vp 2009 русская

руководство пользователя yealink vp 2009 русская
Tested Headset List compatible with Yealink. VLAN Feature on Yealink. However, I couldn’t seem to get the video to play. I checked the documentation to see what codecs and resolution were required, but couldn’t find anything. Change the Logo on a Yealink Phone (T20,T22,T26,T28,T41,T42). Creating ringtones for Yealink. Yealink sent me their Yealink VP-2009 color touch-screen videophone to review a few months back and I finally found some time to crack open the box and check out this very cool phone. Product List Address: Country:USA City:Corinth Address:1703 Sawyer Rd Email: Follow Us:.

This means that you can just plug in the phone, assign extension in the management console and the phone will be automatically configured. You can check the firmware version of the base station using the handset. Downloads Please post any questions about the beta to the 3CX Phone System V10 beta forum here. Check out these other VoIP phones by Yealink:. Since I only have one account setup, I wished the phone was smart enough to just simply dial the voicemail system immediately without showing me a list of choices. Yealink VP-2009P 2-Line VoIP Video Phone The Yealink VP-2009P is a 2 line SIP video phone featuring a 7in LCD touchscreen LCD and rotatable CMOS camera.

Then press the “Confirm” button at the bottom.Enter the IP Address into a local web browser address field.Log in with the phone admin password, which is «admin» by default.Click on the «Upgrade» tab at the top.Click the «Reset» button next to the «Reset to Factory Setting» option. All Yealink phones that reboot on our boot server are given a new web admin password. To view the password for a phone, log in to the OnSIP Admin Portal, select «Resources», and choose from the resources of type Phone. Step 1: Reset your phone to its factory defaults Get the IP address of your phone. Adjusting volume is done via the touch screen as well as the physical left and right arrow buttons.The Mute button mutes your audio only and doesn’t stop your video from transmitting. The extraordinary video quality, advanced telephony features, rich applications, fashionable outlook, and sturdy and durable structure make the Yealink VP-2009P an idea communication device for the office or residential use.

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