Wistron dv15 схема

wistron dv15 схема
Unfortunately it seems my build doesn’t implement EDID (at least not within U-Boot), so I was forced to hard-code the resolution into U-Boot env. View all 4 project logs Enjoy this project? Interestingly I can indeed read the EDID info within user-space once I’m in linux.Finally I wanted to implement the backlight driver. This project is an experiment into the world of LVDS laptop screens. Занял у клиентского N5110, ожидающего чип видеокарты NPCE795PA0DX. К приходу видео найду и мульт. The only flaw being I had two of the LVDS data pairs swapped, so the colours came out a bit funny.Project success!Now I definitely have plans for this LCD, since it is sunlight viewable!

Правила форумаПосмотреть правила форума Модераторы: MSF113, AL._.EX, ars44, Ciber SLasH, RsM, Rom Страница 4 из 22 [ Тем: 1805 ] На страницу Пред. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 … 22 След. This isn’t really an issue since I intend to only use this display with the board. Luckily I managed to find a datasheet easily enough, which instantly revealed the exact pinout.The backlight driver wasn’t quite so easy, but after a bit of probing around I got it to power up the fluorescent tube. An old fluorescent-backlit LCD panel out of a Toshiba PT200A. Any problem, please feel free to contact us. DIY needs a certain professional knowledge, please kindly take the responsibility of the risk. No metal contact is allowed when powering on the controller board, otherwise short circuit may occur, which may cause unavailability of the controller board.

But their connector is very very fine and the backlight requires +30V to drive, which makes things difficult. My post on this will be coming soon! Beside this kit, you will need to prepare the VGA cable and power adapter yourself. If you want to buy the power adapter from us too, please buy item 120996748233 . Welcome to customize your own kit! Рекомендации при оформлении темы,если неисправность ноутбука характеризуется как аппаратная.В заголовке темы следует указать модель ноутбука,модель материнской платы и вкратце проблему. Название проэкта может быть и не во второй строке как в данном случае,а в первой,некоторые называния проэктов для лучшего понимания приведу несколько назвений проэктов POMONA MB, Dellen, MORAR M/B, SM30 MB. How to find a right lcd model number? Hãng sản xuất Compal, Wistron, Quanta, Foxconn, IBM, Asus, Inventec, MSI, Bitland, Samsung, Mitac, Gigabyte, Biostar, ECS, Dell, Twinhead, FIC, Acer, Apple, Clevo, Uniwill, LG, Shenzhen, Fujitsu, CZC, Arima, Jetway, Pegatron, Flex, Lengda, LCFC, Lenovo.

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